Accelerated Learning Solutions for Individuals,
Teams, and Organisations

In today’s turbulent business environment, the capacity for organisations, teams and individuals to learn and adapt has become a pre-requisite to be able to cope effectively with the many changes around them.

Acceleris Consulting has made it its focus to help people, teams and organisations to learn and adapt faster, to be more effective, to feel more in control of their future, and to contribute to creating more rewarding and sustainable work environments.

By combining individual, team and learning support as part of our learning programmes (Learning³ ™), learning is leveraged and accelerated. This accelerated learning approach is particularly useful when individuals, teams and organisations must

● Implement or deploy new strategies: Strategic success is 20% design and 80% implementation. But successful strategy implementation is often underminned by key stakeholders's lack of clarity and/or agreement with the stragic re-orientations required, why the are required, and how to achieve them . Our learning solutions harness the individual and collective potential to internalise, and align behind, new strategic objectives and plans; and to implement them more successfully.

Implement important changes: Whilst changes, big and small, are everywhere in organisations; few changes actually achieve their intended outcomes. Change programmes reveal disappointing results, confused and stressed workforce and unintended recuperation costs. At the core of that challenge lays the limited capacity of people, teams, and institutions to learn how to work differently. Our learning solutions aim at approaching change from a more positive and knowledgeable perspective and to harness the potential and capacity for change which resides in each invidividual, team or organisation. 

Develop leadership and management capabilities: Leaders and managers in today’s organizations are often over-worked and under-developed. This leads to stressed out managers and under-lead people reporting to them. At Acceleris, we have experienced many times over the potential for change and progress that resides in the development and delivery of targeted learning programmes for key management populations.